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Remote work makes it tough to connect with your team. Afino's Coffee Lounge gives you a spontaneous and casual place to catch up.

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Why the Coffee Lounge?

Combat Remote Isolation

While your team may like the flexibility of remote work, it can be lonely. Improve team commraderie and help them stay social!

Introduce New Team Members

Give new team members a chance to develop stronger relationships with their peers while feeling like they belong.

Boost Team Morale

Keep your team energized with short, spontaneous breaks that mimic interactions that build relationships in an office.

Give a Mental Health Break

While working remote, it can be hard to know when it's time for a break. Gently encourage your team to break up the day and connect.




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"People liked that it gave them the feeling they were doing something together."
Shane Spraggs, VP of Operations
"Afino gave us the extra nudge we needed to get back into regularly connecting with one another on a less-formal level. People are happier and more excited to engage with their work at Sedna."
Aleksandr Stabenow, CTO