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Bridge the gap between your in-office and remote team members. Afino helps your team build trust, spark conversation, and feel a sense of belonging.
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Drive more meaningful connections

A lack of connection impacts team culture, morale, and motivation. Afino seamlessly integrates into Slack and makes creating meaningful connections within your team effortless.

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How it Works

Create a Card

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Help your team get to know you better! Fill out the prompts from the Afino bot in Slack and start building more meaningful connections with your team.


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Search for teammates by entering their name or find people to connect with by searching key words in their cards. View their card to learn more about them!

Celebrate Together

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Birthdays, work anniversaries, and new hires are celebrated with a personal touch to strengthen connections within your team.

Empower New Hires

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New hires are matched with "buddies" on your team to help them navigate their new team and have success in their new role.

Admin Features
  • See upcoming Birthday & Work Anniversary celebrations
  • Identify common & unique interests across your team
  • Create custom profile prompts just for your team
  • Change Afino channels & admins, nudge users, export data, and more!
Slash Commands
  • /afino
    Pull up a team member profile from anywhere in Slack (only visible to you!) 
  • /afino
    See slash commands, get directions, & access our support team
  • /invite
    Invite Afino to a channel
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Improve team collaboration

Create a stronger team by taking camaraderie and communication to the next level. Afino helps your team members build unique profiles that drive meaningful connections.

Integrate into your team’s current workflows

Afino seamlessly integrates into Slack, so it’s second nature for your team to use. Anyone can use the Slack command to pull up more information on a teammate from anywhere in the workspace (only visible to the user).
How it Works
Afino Slack command
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How to use Afino

Give new hires a great experience

New team members often fly under the radar in a remote setting. Afino will share new hire profiles and prompt team members to connect, making sure they feel welcome from day one.
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Why Afino?

Combat Remote Isolation

While your team may like the flexibility of remote work, it can be lonely. Improve team commraderie and help them stay social!

Introduce New Team Members

Give new team members a chance to develop stronger relationships with their peers while feeling like they belong.

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More Meaningful 1 on 1s

Make it easy for your team to find shared interests, opportunities for collaboration, and build connections that last.


Automate & Integrate

Afino will automatically greet your team and build unique profiles that drive connection and integrate into your workflows.

Najeeb Khan
Afino helps teams with their team culture in an automated way. Their flexibility and simple reminders make it easy to stay on top of team culture and give thanks to each other
Picture of Dawn
Dawn-Marie Soulliere
Head of Human Resources
We love that Afino is creating opportunities for our team members to include information about themselves that they wouldn’t necessarily integrate into everyday office conversations. When you say “meaningful connections,” this has absolutely been our experience.
Eddy Sutton profile picture
Eddy Sutton
Customer Success Manager
As a member of our internal Culture Committee at Roadmunk, we've been looking at tools to drive more positive engagement between employees beyond work-centric topics, and Afino is just that.
roadmunk logo
Aleksandr Headshot
Aleksandr Stabenow
Afino gave us the extra nudge we needed to get back into regularly connecting with one another on a less-formal level. People are happier and more excited to engage with their work at Sedna.

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