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Remote work makes it tough to connect with your team. Afino's platform gives you a place to socialize and build relationships. Create a great culture, from anywhere.

How it Works

Get personalized suggestions

Let us do the heavy lifting. Afino will learn about what your team likes and make a plan for what to do next.

Enjoy with your team

Take the administrative hassle out of planning and creating an engaging environment.

Watch your team thrive

Get analytics on your team's engagement and new suggestions based on their feedback.

New games & activities added each week! Take a look.

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Why Afino?

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Combat Remote Isolation

While your team may like the flexibility of remote work, it can be lonely. Improve team morale and help them stay social with Afino.

Increase Productivity

Engaged teams report up to 22% more productivity. Level up your culture while driving results for your company's bottom line.

Improve Retention

Creating an environment that gives your team a great experience leads to more creativity, increased commitment and less turnover.

Avoid Zoom Fatigue

Video call after video call can take a lot of energy. With Afino, you can run engaging activities asynchronously without scheduling.

Integrated with tools you use.

Afino works with tools that you use daily. Making it seamless to add into your workflow and get your team started.

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Real-Time Games
Live games that add friendly competition and team building for your team
Async Activities
Activities that everyone can participate in when it's convenient
Hosted Events
Discounted access to events run by one of Afino's professional hosts
Calendar Integration
Add events to your Google or Outlook calendar to share with your team
Slack Integration
Automatically send out fun activities each week to your team each week
Team Dashboard
Every admin can see how their team is engaging with activities and get feedback
Personalized Playbook
Get customized suggestions for your team and set up automated weekly activities.
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All Standard Features
Everything in Afino Standard & more
Company Analytics
Keep track of how every team and manager is engaging with Afino
Priority Support
Get a dedicated Customer Success Manager and access to 24/7 support
Custom Integrations
Allow Afino to integrate seamlessly with your team's workflow
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"People liked that it gave them the feeling they were doing something together."
Shane Spraggs, VP of Operations
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"Afino gave us the extra nudge we needed to get back into regularly connecting with one another on a less-formal level. People are happier and more excited to engage with their work at Sedna."
Aleksandr Stabenow, CTO
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Increase Team Performance.

Building a great company culture leads to greater productivity, enhanced performance, and more collaboration. In a remote setting, this is a challenge. Afino makes it easy to keep your team connected and engaged, removing virtual barriers and benefiting your bottom line.

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