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Afino Updates & News - November 2020

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James Quinn
Afino Updates & News - November 2020

Afino Updates & News

Over the past month, our team has been working hard to build a new and improved version of Afino using your feedback. We are excited to bring that new version to you today. Some of the most notable changes include:

  • Completely redesigned look and interface
  • Built-in virtual activities for your team (Doodle, Birthmap, and more)
  • Professionally hosted virtual events (fitness class, cooking lesson, and more)
  • Pulse surveys
  • Deeper analytics
  • AI-driven personalized playbook
  • Video calling

Learn more about the platform and how it works below.


This is where Afino's games, events, and activities live. Host a Doodle tournament with your team for fun. Build team chemistry with Birthmap. Give everyone a chance to relax with a wellness workshop. No matter what your team is into, there is something for everyone.


When you're working in a remote setting, it's not always easy to tell how your team members are doing. Using short, periodic pulse surveys can help you do that. With Afino, you can run up to four different surveys to learn about metrics related the health of your team (learning opportunities, health & wellness, co-worker relationships, manager relationships, recognition, and happiness). Do a general check-up with the Company Pulse survey. See how your employees view learning and advancement opportunities with the Professional Development survey. Keep tabs on peoples physical and mental health with the Employee Wellbeing survey. Find out how your team is handling their current work situation with the Remote Work Check-in survey.


All of the data collected through events and surveys on Afino is summarized in the Analyze dashboard. Here, you can view your team's results across each of the levels we measure, get qualitative feedback, and track performance over time. You will also get personalized suggestions from Afino's recommendation engine that will analyze the current state of your team and provide ideas on how you can improve each metric.

Doodle by Afino

Doodle is the newest game added to the Afino platform (it's similar to Pictionary!). Put your team's drawing skills to the test as they compete to guess the drawing as fast as possible. Play with up to 12 players, or run a tournament to find out who the Doodle champion is in your (virtual) office.

And we aren't stopping there. Over the next few months, expect to see more updates with new ways to keep your team engaged and connected, combat remote isolation, and build a great culture. Sign up for a demo to get access to these new features and more! Get started here.

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